Tuesday, July 19, 2005

More than I love a good, long thought-provoking read that's filled with life lessons and complicated metaphors for the daily happenings in our painfully depressing lives, I LOVE a nice children's story.

I decided I needed to escape my own head this morning and so I trudged over to the library in search of a good book, hopefully something that I'd already read in my childhood. Something that would remind me of the days I used to read in my the bathtub (without any wter of course) in my brother's bathroom while he was out cos it was quiet and had good lighting. I was hoping to find Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory actually. I figured I could read it before the movie came out. But, alas, they didn't have it. So I settled for Esio Trot, also by Dahl. There's nothing like a good, short Dahl creation to chirp you up I think.

I say now, and I hope I don't change my mind, that I will bring my kids up with the books and tv shows and games of my time. For some reason, maybe because I work in a school and I see how students treat adults sometimes, or maybe because I've noticed more and more the behaviour of younger and younger kids, but I really truly believe that as the years go by, the children of the world are becoming more bratty and spoilt and they're growing up way too fast. Or at least they think they are. They are conversing about things way beyond their 7, 8, 9 year old bodies. Children's programmes are talking about clubs and drink and boobs when they should be talking about sharing, caring and school. Wasn't childhood supposed to be about make-believe and learning to spell, and count and talking about dolls and cars and stupid boys?

I will bring my kids up with Dahl and Blyton and the other timeless children's novelists. I'll bring them up with Sesame Street, Barney, My Little Pony, Captain Planet, Transformers, Carebears and the Ninja Turtles. I'll make them watch nature shows and decorate their own cookies and cakes. I'll make them colour in colouring books and do connect-the-dots puzzles.

Or better yet, maybe I won't have kids at all... They can't talk back and demand handphones when they're 7 if they don't exist right?

For some reason that made me crack up...


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