Monday, July 11, 2005

I'm back from my short little Malaysia trip. It was more tiring than restful I must say. Trying having funy and/or relaxing while your might-possibly-potentially-but-not-hopefully-be-in-laws are breathing down your neck.

I will go there with friends sometime soon! I will...


I'm really liking the new DC song. It's very well put together I think. And the lyrics are incredibly sincere.

I like sincere songs. They make me feel good. Like there's still hope in the world for true love and the major rush that comes along with that.

Speaking of major rushes and being in love, I watch Tom Cruise on Oprah last night right after I got back. I can't decided whether I wanna smack him and tell him to pipe down or hug him and tell him I'm happy for him. He seems so happy. So contented and so excited at the same time.

I can't think of anything intelligent to say or any big words to use. My mind in devoid of good ideas.


There you go. That should qualify as a big word right?

It'll have to do.


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