Monday, July 18, 2005

Tired from the gym. Very. Ran 3km, or 3click as the army boys so aptly put it.

Anyway, been reading How To Be Good by Hornby for the second time. The first time it made me think. Now it makes me ponder.

I mean, what made him write from a woman's perspective? Is there something undeniably "woman" about trying to be good? Or trying to figure out what is being good? Maybe it's not that. Maybe it's just that women tend to see more gray areas compared to men. Or at least they put a lot more time into thinking about it.

Seriously though, what is good? What makes a person good? If a doctor, like the protagonist, someone who saves lives and has to look at rectal boils day in and day out, has a affair, does that make her a bad person? If a philandering, womanising, two/three/countless-timing bastard gives $2 to a homeless bum just for the sake of it does it make him a good person? Are there even good people on the world?

I wonder if men, other than Hornby, have thought about this. And I wonder if the book was written in a man's perspective it would have made sense, whether it would have made me think so much.

Hornby is quite a genius.

I've got my medical on Wednesday afternoon. After work. From annoying people to peeing in a cup. I can't wait.

Work again on Thursday and back to the gym on Friday.

I'm actually looking forward to the gym. It's tiring but the feeling you get when you're done is pretty darn good.

Mr Perfect is away at field camp for the next few days. I'm going to try and make an effort to be more understanding to him and his constant depression in camp. I realise I have not even made a tiny effort to be sympathetic. If I want to be in this relationship, it's got to be about the both of us, not just me me me all the time, although I would love that.

I must mature.


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