Thursday, July 14, 2005

I'm so sleepy.

And I'm at work. Supposed to be keying in attendance but my mind cannot focus on so many names and so many dates. I've done more than half and I think that warrants a break of some sort.

I haven't been sleeping well recently. Been having really odd dreams about all kinds of things. Things that don't make any sense and have little or nothing to do with my life. Or maybe they do and I just don't realise it. But whatever the case, it can't literally mean anything cos if it did my life would be...Strange, to say the least.

I've officially got less than a month to enjoy my life before uni starts. One wonders why I'm still putting myself through the strain of working her a couple of days a week when I should be marathon-bumming.

Yes, one wonders. And so do I. All the time.

Ok, I'm done with the keying in. No more attendance data for me til next week. I'm hoping that since I'm done with it today I won't have to come back tomorrow. That leaves me open tomorrow for my gyming plans with the Pinkster.

Yes, Jasmine Paul in a gym. Working out and everything. Sweat and all!

I kid you not.

With that astounding bit of news I will now leave you and this blasted machine to sit at my table and look absolutely useless and cause one or more of my co-workers to "suggest" that I don't come back tomorrow since I so efficiently finished my work, to which I will nod with sage-like humility and non-enthusiastic agreement.


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