Tuesday, October 26, 2004

My gosh, my moods are bloody erratic. I wish I was more stable. Haha...

I also wish I could get married to a rich old man, who would promptly die the day after, AFTER writing his will and leaving all his money to his beloved wife, of course. And then I wish that at his funeral, I would meet a young hot lawyer man who'd fall madly and deeply in love with me and insist that my only job was to be his loving, beautiful wife. He would then proceed to buy me a lovely mansion in Barbados with his money so that I can spend MY newly aquired money indulging in everything I've always wanted to do, namely, theatre, art, socialising, pedicures, manicures, middle-eastern peace-keeping and photo journalism.

But you don't always get what you wish for do you?

Nope, unfortunately you don't.

Too bloody bad... Sod off!

Ok sorry, I didn't mean that. Don't sod off.

Haha... I've got to get up really early tomorrow to go to school to watch the Deepavali concert that the Yr 1s have been working so hard on. I'm sure it's going to be great. I can't wait really. Haven't seen everyone in ages. It's just so goddamn early in the bloody morning. I think it'll be about 0300 or 0400 by the time I sleep tonight. So that's like... Erm.. An hour's worth of sleep? Sheesh...

I bet I'm going to be one happy camper tomorrow...I mean.. In a few hours...

God bless the souls of my poor friends.

Oh, I put up a new album under my Snapshots. Of graduation day. Only some pictures are up. Waiting for more to get developed.

Only joy in my life right now is looking back at my past.

Oh, how poetic! Pah!


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