Friday, July 28, 2006

More pictures. Out with my favourite sisters the past 2 days. Yesterday was a crampy, cranky day in town. We made a pit stop over at Free Banana at Wisma for some iced coffee, floaty bits in sugar syrup, gossip and photo whoring.(We always fail at 3-some shots. We have no sense of centralisation. Ok, maybe only Pinks does.)
(Crampy, cranky and oddly on-time Pinkys. Our hormones trouble us. )
(Muffles stares at me adoringly. Yes, I luv you too.)
(In the pool at SCC the day before. Yes, that's me, in a pool. And my feet don't touch the floor! The things these girls make me do!)
(Pinks took this shot. Which explains why all 3 of us are in the pic.)
(Hot tubbing with bandung.)
(My favourite sisters in the whole wide world.)
(I brought them for Sambal Chicken Fried Rice at 925 after the Country Club-ing. There were no words for a few mins as the 3 of us guzzled.)


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