Saturday, January 07, 2006

Random Thoughts File No.:070106

1. Do you think baby animals have the equivalent of "first words"? Do animal parents get all excited over what their baby is going to squawk, growl, howl, quack, croak or hoot first? Will it be the animal equivalent of "dada" or "mama" or possibly "heavy arse bitch who's been sitting on my shell and burning me up for the past few weeks"?

2. I think I'm PMSing. But just because I have declared that, don't go about assuming that all of my emotions are due to hormones. Some of the damned emotions could be due to YOU being fucked up. Think about that. And if you still doubt it, ask me again in a week when I'm not bleeding and I will gladly tell ya that I think you need a life. Or, at the very least, a good shrink.

3. Vodka cranberry is good shit.

4. I need a manicure. Not because I need the colour in my life. But because I really really need one. As in, I need to get my cuticles done, get rid of dead skin, shape, buff and shine. And as long as we are on that, my feet are crying out for attention too. If you have a heart, and a hefty paycheck or rich parents, please help them.

5. I had Nissin Chili Crab cup noodles and Yeo's Chrysanthemum Tea for dinner. I think they make a good pair. Please do not recommend me other possible cup-noodle-flavour/drink pairings because Chili Crab is the only one I love.

6. Maggi Mee is NOT considered cup noodles in my books. They do NOT come in a cup. And for that matter, they aren't INSTANT noodles either. They sure as hell take more than a mere instant to cook, especially if you want them to be any good (think egg and hotdogs...). Yum.

7. I feel I should explain the random-ness of this entry. I am in a random I-can't follow-through-with-a-single-train-of-thought-mood. Hence the random-ness. Understood? No? Too bad.

8. Next thought.

9. I think I should finish reading Lolita. Yes, I know I should have finished reading it already, seeing as how it came out for my exams, but reading for pleasure is different from reading for necessity. And I believe that as long as you are reading something to try and squeeze out some knowledge out of it, you're not doing what the author intended for you to do. I mean seriously, who writes a novel with the intention of it being analysed by a whole bunch of half-wits who probably won't even be able to fathom 10% of the true meaning of the words because they are trying so hard to see other things, things that they are told, or at least, urged, to see? Hence me not choosing to do lit as my major. I love reading, so I don't want to spoil that love. Back to Lolita. In the beginning of Semester 1 when I was just reading it for fun, it made me think alot. So I should go back to doing that.

10. I think the above random thought might somehow show that I do not work well under pressure. I'm not sure, but I think so. Once again, random thought. It can probably be proven with a bit more analysis and pondering, but I really don't care very much. Random-ness should remain random.

11. I miss certain chocolates from my childhood. You don't really see them anymore (because they don't exist or because, for some unfathomable reason, Singapore has stopped importing them), or even if you do, they are sad wannabes of their former delicious, short-lived selves. Let me name them. The Garfield Chocolate (They came in green and purple packaging, the green being caramel filled.), Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (I never liked the combination of peanut butter and chocolate til this.), Almond Rocca (I think you can still get these in Singapore but they don't taste as good. And they are a bit oily-ish.) and these strange rum-filled chocolates that my uncle brought back from somewhere. You bite into one and the rum just oozes into your mouth! And it was actual rum too, because you could actually feel the burn of alcohol on your throat. Oh! And I also miss the giant chocolate easter bunnies that came in the giant chocolate easter eggs. Giant! I swear!

12. I have a strange pain in my knee that I don't really care to describe. Let's just say it's there and it's bugging me.

13. Speaking of ailments, I feel an ominous scratching at the back of my throat. The flu bug might just be upon me again. Better stock up on the tissues and the panadol.

14. There is a little bit of my fringe that's in front of my eye and due to the light from Lolita's (the lappy not the book) screen, I can actually see how brown my hair is. I might just reconsider my highlights then. I was originally thinking of ash-blonde streaks (Thanks to Siva for putting the damn idea in my head. If you're reading this, I'm sorry for stealing your idea. It'll be gone by the time you do it so I promise we won't look like we did it together!) or possibly a red or burgundy. I don't know yet though. Must consult Aaron. But before that, must book appointment.

15. My brother just came home from work. It is now 1.12am. He has yet to knock on my door, so that means he didn't bring back any food or booze. Bugger.

16. For some reason I cannot wait to buy my textbooks. Yes, call me a geekoid if that makes you happy. Chances are, though, that I'm gonna buy them and get all excited when I see the colourful pictures and many words, but the novelty will wear off in a couple of days and they will be banished to the sad exile of my study drawers. They will resurface, however, near the end of the semester, at which time, they will unleash their displeasure at me by giving me tiny, but oh so painful, papercuts for ignoring them for so long. And thus, the books will win. Tiny victory, but victory nonetheless.

17. Curses and damnations! A plague upon your children and your children's children. And their dogs! And may you incur the wrath of the rat mafia! Yes, piss in your ugly last-season pants you mangey scum sucker! Fear me!

18. I am running out of random-ness. I wonder if it is for the night or forever. Will my life be suddenly carefree? Or will it be unbearable when the lack of random-ness prevails? I don't know. But I am afraid to find out. I am comfortable in my random-ness.

19. I couldn't even bring my random-ness to a nice round number. I guess that just adds to the random-ness huh? Good shit. Good night.


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