Monday, October 17, 2005

Been listening to Class 95 and I have the urge to go for the Erdinger Oktoberfest. Maybe it's the whole learning of German thing. Not that I can speak it remotely well. But still...

Speaking of speaking. I have Oral tomorrow. Shei├če.

It's 10.30am now. Early to be online and blogging? Well, I planned to be here earlier actually. But the bed was just so comfortable that I couldn't handle getting out of it. I had had enough sleep, I know that, but I couldn't deal with the idea that it would be a substantial number of hours before I could go back to such heaven as the total oblivion that is sleeping. I just wanted to sleep till the 3rd of November so that all my essays would be magically done and I wouldn't have to wake up and do them.

That is actually why I'm awake at this hour on my one off day of the week. Yes, essays due. I have to get myself all pumped to do this. C'mon Jasmine!

Weekend update: Lunch at Vish's place on Saturday. It was his annual last day of prayers thing. Went to church after and then came home. Yesterday I had lunch and hang out time with Shant at City Hall. Then I came home and teared uncontallably while watching Oprah's Katrina Update, while at the same time painting my fingernails a brilliant shade of maroon. I'm quite proud of the job I've done. Hopefully it lasts.

3 days to the return of the man. *happy dance*


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