Sunday, July 31, 2005

My throat is scratchy, my nose is running and my body temperature is one the upward climb. I think I'm falling sick. Bah humbug.

Had to happen on the day the dance ended. Oh well, I guess with the overflow of happiness last night a little misfortune in the health department is expected to dampen things a little and balance things out.

I don't know what I'm saying. I feel like I can't formulate sentences that make sense in my head. Espcially sentences about hypothetical situations or things that did not seriously happen in front of my face. I repeat, I don't know what I'm saying.

The dance was brilliant by the way. Ok, so there were a few cock ups, but who cares. We made $11,211.00 for the temple in one night, with one dance! Yes, I find that hard to believe as well but it really did happen. We did the routine all of 3 times last night during the function. The first one was on stage, at the stipulated time, with many nervous insides due to the speakers, instruments and live band on stage be hind us taking up much space. Hence, smiling and looking like we were generally enjoying ourselves was on a low. But when that was over, we had fun, we ate, we talked we danced along with the Neptune Dancers (fully clothed by the way, to the major disappointment of many a man...)and we just hung out on the top deck like a bunch of silly crapheads.

Then the dance floor started. I'm not a clubber. Never been to one. But I really doubt that clubbing would be anything like that. Everyone dancing around me was somebody I knew, somebody I loved. There were no qualms in doing silly moves, dancing in a circle and pushing odd, potential or current couples into the middle to perform and and generally letting your hair down. By the time people started getting tired (with the exception of Mr Perfect and Mr Best Friend) it was 1am (the latest I've been out without my mummy calling in a damn DAMN long time). Then somebody (I'd like to think it was me...Hee...) came up with the brilliant idea of doing the YUVA dance again, this time on the dance floor.

I have never had so much of fun or felt so much of reckless abandonment in a dance. The measly crowd was revved up and everyone was clapping and cheering and we danced with such energy it was crazy.

The sequence of events after that is still a blur but I'll tell it the best I can. One man slipped Vjay $100 and told him it was an amazing performance and to keep up the good work. Everyone cheered. YUVA's first donation. Another man (possibly slightly tipsy but highly highly generous) told Vjay that if YUVA went up on stage and did the dance again, he would graciously award the temple a whopping sum of $11,111.

You should have seen us jump onto stage.

We did it!

In one night. A total of $11,211.

I'm so proud to be a part (albeit, a minor one) of this whole thing.

And even prouder because we didn't just dance and walk away. We contributed to a worthwhile cause and we all forged really close bonds despite the problems we started off with.

I don't think I've ever been closer to Naga. He's amazing and deliciously fun to hang out with. I've missed him like mad over these few years and seeing him and hanging out with him again brings back so many memories.

I've actually grown to like Logan a tad. He's only a bitch when he's 5,6,7,8-ing. But like I've said before, he'll always be the mafia don. The low-voiced, grand-daddy of the group that you go to if you need someone snuffed out. Haha...

And then there's Aravind. I didn't think I'd ever get close to him. But I have and I'm happy about that. He's incredibaly sweet and extremely caring and he takes care of me like I really am his sister. He really did come from nowhere. But I'm glad he did because he really is a joy to be around. I know the chances of him readin this are really slim, but I'll say it anyway. Love you much much! And thanks again for the panadol and the crown. And don't worry, we all won't lose touch. You're part of us already.

Bavani... Wow... I swear to God I've never met anyone so hyperactive. Haha... She's such a life force that you can't sit still around her. I hope she never changes (even though it can get a little hard to handle sometimes) because she keeps us all grounded and reminded that we're still young even though we might all think we old a matured and wise.

The rest of the crew, we've been together for ages. And a group that does everything together, stays together. Through the good times and the bad. We'll always know where we came from, so where ever we go, we know where our roots lie.


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