Wednesday, October 06, 2004


A smidgen of hope
Called and welcomed into into loving arms
A prodigal son
The lost sheep
It becomes the harbinger of a lifetime of sadness
It leaves a question
When it walks away
Not looking back
Unanswered and ignored
For your safety and protection from a world you deem cruel
I call it Life.
A rose by any other name will smell as foul.

The quiet words you uttered
Hold not the weight they did
When they were first said.
The moment the sheets are thrown back
And the windows are pulled open
Harsh reality shines in
And she is no more than a fading image in sunlight
The light shines through her.
It sees no need to make an impression
On she who has already drowned herself
In its murky depths
There's no point,
No rescue,
No escape.

Her breathing slows to a calming pace
Her unanswered question are pushed aside,
Down the Grand Canyon,
Her fears are momentarily conquered.
Her heart stops beating for a moment
As she peers over the edge
Afraid to take the leap
Of faith?
Or failure?
In out in out.
Stay calm.
There's nothing to be afraid of.
Let go.
Be free.
Be loved.
Just for the moment,
Embrace and be lost.


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