Saturday, October 02, 2004

Ok... So I think blogger may be working again. I don't know. I shall not keep my hopes up.

All this after I created a Diaryland account. Buggerations... Oh well... I'll keep that as a "just in case" kinda thing.

Oh, and for those of you who might think that I blogged like a crazy psycho mad woman on the 29th od Sept, well, lemme just tell ya I didn't. That's another one of the screw ups... Haha... But at least the blogs are there.

Optimistic I am!

Prelims were... Well, not as good as I hoped for. B for lit (My lack of an A is due to my 18th/19th Cent. Paper... Yuck...), a D for my math (I passed! Hurrah! My hard work paid off...) and an AO for Econs (Much to the disappointment of tutors, parents and myself... I tried... I really did! Believe me please?)... My GP was alright. Nothing spectacular.

Still haven't gotten back the Lit S though. Really not looking forward to it.

Oh! We finally have a car in the family! It's technically not and never will be in the country but still! If you haven't gotten it already, my sis bought a car la! Yay! She smsed me in the morning and I called her back for a major Sister Squealfest! It was fun. A good way to start an otherwise boring Saturday.

Oh and by the way... My patience is running out... I'm getting tired and annoyed and I think I have every right to...


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