Sunday, September 19, 2004

Ok... So it's like just past 1000hrs on a Sunday morning and there is NOBODY awake and logged on to MSN... I feel kinda stupid being awake at this hour. It's not even like I have an exciting Sunday to look forward to. Yuck.

Well, I'm listening to Rick Dees so I guess that's something at least.

Went to church yesterday. It was nice... Got to spend some time with my uncles. And they had the time of their lives telling me what a brat I was when I was a kiddy. One of them went over to my old place and took a whole buncha old albums and scanned photos into his comp. He told me of my chubby, kiddy self and how I used to think I could be Madonna, or how I used to sit in his car and pretend I owned it and the world. And I used to pose shamelessly, pretending I was a model. Geez... And the other one was full of anecdotes about me getting into mischief and then running over to his place and curling up on his tummy and looking innocent when my mum came running over with smoke coming out of her ears (I stayed in one house and his place was connected to mine by the basement).

Then they threatened unanimously to flash naked baby pictures of me and tell embarrassing stories at my wedding... Good grief...

Haha... Gosh I love them...

I miss the good old days... When I had tonnes to look forward to on Sundays. Every week, after morning Cathecism and church, my sis and I would rush home, change and wait for my uncle to pick us up and bring us to Serangoon Gardens Country Club where we'd swim for an hour, eat tuna sandwiches and chips (same thing every week for me!), wait a while and swim again for an hour. Well, they'd swim... I'd just splash around in the baby pool with Shan. And then we'd get changed again and have lunch at the restaurant there. I'd always have Fish and Chips. The only thing that changed every week was dessert. Sometimes it was Banana Split, other times, Single Scoop with some amazing topping. And sometimes, when we really felt like it, we'd have a giant Ice Kachang. It was brilliant I tell ya!

As old as that place may be, if it's still standing when I'm older and have my own money, and if I'm still in Singapore, I will become a member. It's got too many memories to let go of.It's not just the swimming... It's the parties and the people I met and the hours I spent playing fooseball... I'd like to create a whole bunch of new memories there...


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