Saturday, October 30, 2004

I just got back from the Halloween Party!

Whee... Fun fun fun!

The band was pretty good... I mean... Yeah... But most of that time was upstairs getting Aarthi ready!

And boy did she look scary! It was good! Daring girl she is!

And then... DANCE FLOOR! Haha... This time there was no mama music. Haha... I don't even know if there was a DJ, but the music was quite power la... Mostly hiphop so there was much bootywiggling and shoulder shaking. As usual, it was just the few of us dancing our asses off the whole time.

Nana, Ramzi, Hasif, Ginny, Cassan, Esther, Sam... Then the NYP dancers joined us,(Hot dancers...very little clothes!Haha!)the b-boys showed up for a while, Fadzli, and even Miss Chew was there for awhile! All I have to say is WE ROCKED THE STAGE! We did! We really did! I can't imagine what would have happened if we weren't there. Eep...

Lemme elaborate.

Hasif was his usual outrageous self in his tiny lil skirt. Hoowee! Those legs never fail to amaze me! And his booty shaking abilities... It's just wrong la... Sam did a couple of cartwheels. She's bloody pro. Cassan and Ginny were "in their own lil world" which was quite the sight for the male of the species who were watching I think! Nana was going all out with her hiphopping skills... Kinda caught the eye of a certain white-tshirted tall fella in my opinion, and the opinions of everyone else... Cept Nana's of course! The b-boys didn't quite do anything dramatic at first but when we finally got them to, they were quite impressive. Quite hot I say... *cheeky grin* We all took turns dancing on the tables... VERY shaky tables too! It was so much fun... Dancing non-stop (when we got tired we sat on the floor and wiggled!) for more than an hour...

I think I lost some weight... Yes!

Except for certain moments of awkwardness (I almost had to resort to ducking behind pillars...) all was good tonight! Next time I'll have a night like this will be after the A's. And I think it's going to be better then! Can't wait can't wait can't wait...


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