Tuesday, November 18, 2008

so what?

so you dreamt about her again. about her being everything you're not.
so you woke up angry and hurt and pained and scared out of your mind.
so your day started out bad.
so what?
it was just a dream.

so you got a disappointing grade. for a paper you worked you ass off on.
so you're worried about what that says about your other grades.
so what?
get over it.

so you lost one of you earrings. one of your favourite pair that you kept for days when you needed a pick-me-up, a shot of colour.
so what?
you'll get a new pair and those will become your favourite.

so you had a bad day. where everything sucked no one rescued you.
so what?
tomorrow's a new one. (and you made it through this one didn't you?)


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