Monday, March 31, 2008

oh you psycho-stalker bitch you. always wanting what you can't have. always going to great lengths to get the things you crave.

always getting pushed away. (hahahahaha. you had that one coming! oh cmon! admit it!)

take the hint, why don't you?

you're the only crazed one around. no one likes you when you get that way, least of all him. what do you think you're being? sexy? seductive? sweet? the best lover in the world? don't kid yourself. it's not what he wants.

the way you act, you're much closer to being a slut. think about that!

and maybe try and behave. and be the lady you're meant to be. mature and grown up. you're not a 16-year-old horn-dog anymore you know? those days are long gone and you best start acting like it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Talking about yourself are we now?;)

12:03 AM  

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