Saturday, March 08, 2008

it was another one of those nights.

got all excited and dressed up only to...

1. feel like a major crampy-pot.
2. have all the wrong people tell me i look gorgeous/hot/beautiful/wow/radiant (yes, someone said radiant).
3. be faced with how disgusting some people can be on the pretext of being drunk.
4. get almost felt up/felt up countless times either on purpose or "accidentally".
5. feel unsafe and unprotected.
6. not dance (ok, my own fault. i was not going to dance with anyone else and my conscience wouldn't allow me to put him through the pain. poor baby.)
7. want to leave halfway through the night.
8. feel unconnected and distanced (i suppose this is a good thing considering my complaints huh?).

ok, enough complaints.

i wanted last night and i should be grateful that i was out til late and saw my friends and i went home with my love.

i am.


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