Sunday, June 18, 2006

After watching so many episodes of Oprah, Cops and a whole score of other shows, you'd think that normal folk like us would be able to push aside comments made under the influence.

I mean, should you really take these things seriously? If sweet, unexpected, amazing things are said, should you believe them? If hurtful things are said and threats are passed, should you be afraid or should you be hurt?

Do they really mean it? Will they remember it in the morning?

Are their actions and words to be trusted?

Do I have that much of trust or faith to spare?

I'm not dissing alcohol. I'd be a total hypocrite then. (Not that I'm not one already, but I'd like to know that I do stop myself when I know that I am about to do it. Be hypocritical I mean.) I do enjoy my beer and my bourbon and I do like the way I feel when I'm slightly tipsy. But once before I have been berated for mouthing off under the influence and I daresay I took it to heart.

It's not an excuse. I know that. And so should you.

I'm going to take a nap now. Weak me has fallen sick once again.

I have the immune system of an 80 year old.

*coughs and weezes*


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