Saturday, December 11, 2004

I'm bored. Oh so bored. So bored I could write a song. A nice long melacholic one. About the stars having lost their sparkle and the sky having lost it's blue. About how the silence is suffocating me and how the newly dawning days bring me no more pleasure because it just means that my sorrow hasn't stopped the course of time the way I hoped it would.

But I'm not going to write that song. Why? Because I don't have the mood to.I feel no motivation to do anything.

Why did I set myself up for this exciting schedule after the big exams. How on earth did I convince myself that I'd have a bangin' social life to look forward to? Who on earth was I kidding?

I kept telling myself, and all the people around me, for that matter, "I can't wait for the A's to be over...". But what was it I couldn't wait for? For being dead bored and being cooped up at home with the ultimate flu? The One That Wouldn't Go Away? (I've been reading a FRIENDS trivia book due to ultimate boredom and I realise I know more about FRIENDS than I did about econs. That can't be good right?)

I feel like doing my hair again. I dunno... Maybe I'll colour it. I've never coloured my hair before. And maybe I'll go cut myself some nice bangs... And maybe layer my hair too... I dunno... Something new and exciting. Not that I have anything to do it for or anyone to show it to. But I guess I'll have the satisfaction of turning myself on when I look in the mirror. I think I'll do my hair with my sis when she gets back.That's something to look forward to at least.


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