Monday, November 28, 2005

I sit here, in front of this screen and just stare. Because I have nothing to say, or more likely, because I've forgotten what to say.

Maybe I'm just here out of force of habit. I don't do this everyday, but the fact that this exists and there are actually people out there who care to read what I say, I tend to feel like I should say stuff once in a while. Coherent or otherwise.

I have to admit that if this were a diary diary, like of the paper variety, I wouldn't bother updating so often. I've started diaries before. Many. I think I have about 3 or 4 random books lying around now, each with a few pages filled, the last few sentences of the last few entries always seeming a bit strained, like I was just trying to fill space, which I probably was.

It's amazing what the thought of people watching you, or paying attention to you will do to you.

This is one of my incoherent entries, in case you didn't realise.

I've been thinking about moving to a different blog site, maybe Diaryland. I like the idea of it. The idea that the minute someone enters the page, all they see is your latest post, and presumably, what your present state of mind is. That is, of course, based on the assumption that you will post entries often. But let's just forget that assumption for now.

But yes, the idea appeals to me. So maybe I'll start one tomorrow night, once I've calmed down from the yay-my-exams-are-over-festivities.

Oh yes, exams...



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