Thursday, November 10, 2005

The red tide has arrived and I am in great pain..

But don't worry... *gasps*... I will be *chokes* f-f-f-fine...

Drama aside, (Really Jasmine? That's actually possible with you?), it's about time I hankered down and got to some real, all out studysome-ing. Finals are coming and the odds that I'm going to get through them easy peasy are pretty slim.

Everyone around me is already having their exams. I hope everything is going good for them.

All you A level people, don't stress. It'll be over in a bit. If you've had a tough paper, put it behind you and don't think about it. You've got others to worry about. You can fret and stress about about later when everything is over. I say that because I know that by the time it's all over, you'll be too ecstatic to care. The end is near and by then it won't matter til results time.

Durga my sweet (she's the only one I know in uni having exams now), you'll do great. You're a goody-two-shoes-smarty-pants-nerdy-geek so you'll be brilliant. I missed you on Saturday night. Wished you were there. Vishy said you were studying so I didn't message you. Didn't want you to be distracted. I'm rooting for ya babycakes! We'll ice-cream-bathtub at Cartel soon yeah? *kisses*

Yassie baby, I miss you. I really hope you come back soon. I miss you much. Much much. March isn't too far away I guess. The Christmas light-up is tonight. Just thought you'd wanna know. I'll try and get a picture of town for you.

Speaking of which, Christmas is coming!!! Yay!!! I love this season!!! :-)


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