Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I choose not to think about you right now.
I choose to focus when I want to.
I choose to be by myself, just for a while, to put me ahead of everyone else.
I choose to have some space to breathe.
I choose to breathe.
I choose to let go of your protective hand for a while to find my own footing again, the footing I used to find so easily.
I choose to remember some things from my past and to forget others, just so that I can be happy now.
I choose to plan ahead for things, MY things.
I choose to be ME for a while. The old me. The me that was me before us.
I choose to pick up my damn pen when I want to, not when you think I should. I choose to rest, relax, how I choose. I CHOOSE!
me. Me. ME. ME!


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