Friday, October 27, 2006

what is it baby?
don't cry, don't cry.
come here, let me make it better.

you don't want it.
you want me to go away.

ok. i will. i understand.
but don't expect me to be sorry.
i probably will be eventually
but just don't expect it.
it's not fair.

you can't expect to go about leading your life while i sit and wait for...for...
what is it again?
i'm always expected to wait aren't i?
for you, for him, for them, for it.
waiting all the time.

You're being treated unfairly?
You're the fucking victim?

sure. roll those eyes.
make me the fool.
the fool.
i'm wrong right?

no, this is not me giving up.
this is me telling you that You're wrong.
that the things You say hurt.
that the things You do kill.

that You have to change your ways.

i have to seek my happiness elsewhere
because i cannot depend on that which i depended on before.

now i have to depend on myself.

only-child syndrome.
never alone
but the loneliest one there is.

i still grew up strong, didn't i?


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