Thursday, October 19, 2006

come here baby.
tell me what it is about me that doesn't quite cut it for you.
is it my chemicalised hair?
the damaged brown ends and the bits and pieces of grey (i'm not old, just weary)?
maybe it's because it can't quite decide whether to be super straight or a curly mess.
is that it?
tell me baby
(baby baby baby!)
is it the tummy?
the proof of the many jugs of tiger and the many hours of doing nothing (i'm not ashamed of either.)
or maybe it's something else baby? is it?
my height? my cellulite thighs? my jiggly arms?
my perpetual back ache?
none of those?
is it just something you cannot explain?
something you can't put your finger on (IN is possible though isn't it?)
maybe it is.
i would understand that though baby.
i feel the same.
it's something i can wrap my fingers around
but i just cannot grasp.


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