Saturday, September 23, 2006

It's one of those Saturday afternoons again. You know... those! Where you have nothing to do. Well, actually, you Do have things to do. Things to read, things to study, a room to clean up, a wardrobe to organise. But it's one of those Saturdays, where you don't quite feel like doing anything at all. Where you feel like sitting in front of the tv watching the Waterboy while your dad irons on the dining table and your mother fries fish. Where your ear throbs from a taking-a-very-long-time-to-heal-and-you-made-it-worse-by-accidently-yanking-on-it-while-taking-off-your top piercing and your mouth feels funny from a ulcer that you felt the onset of about a week ago but only appeared last night.

It's just one of those Saturdays.


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