Friday, October 13, 2006

jasmine is
- taking a break from all the welcomed work
- not pleased
- slowly but surely getting tired of you and your ways
- in dire need of a full body massage and/or check-up
- craving smooth, semi-cold, milk chocolate
- holding something in (but she's not sure what)
- faking it pretty darn well
- quite sure you don't care
- looking with disgust at her room which needs major re-doing
- chewing on her just-washed hair
- shrinking shrinking shrinking
- hoping for a beep
- incredibly restless and hyper for 1.12am
- not sure what time she'd like to wake up tomorrow
- hoping she wakes up to something pleasant
- listening to the combined sounds of spinderella her fan, the un-named air-con and water speeding through the pipes in the wall
- wishing she could piece together the happy bits of the past few days and make one long happy day (which she would save for herself as an after-exam treat!)
- comtemplating flat-ironing her hair before she sleeps so that it saves her the trouble in the morning
- deciding against it
- going to read her nm2201 before she sleeps instead
- praying for better days
- feeling like there's something wrong
- getting bored with this post
- going to send post, sign out, Shut Down.


Blogger ah_neh said...

i believe it's "publish post" not "send post".

4:52 AM  

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