Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Ok, now that my Pop Tart entry is over (entry done but Pop Tart still going...*drools*), I shall talk about other, more pressing issues.

Namely, what I want for Christmas. Yes, I'm going to be shameless this year. Usually I don't ask for anything, and I just hope that people will pay attention when I drop them oh-so-subtle hints. But I've come to realise that subtle hints tend not to work.

So here goes, a list of things that I would love to get for Christmas. (Hint hint!! *bangs drums and dances around in a multicoloured chicken suit*)

1. A digital camera (Something between 4-5megapixels and that's slim enough to fit a handbag. I won't be picky, it doesn't have to be too exciting and new with all this new-fangled technological biff. Just working and relatively show-off-able will do.)

2. Those perfect black leather, knee-high, pointy-toed, stiletto boots from Victoria's Secret. (Check the online website. I'm a size 5.5/6.)

3. A voucher for a spa pedicure and manicure.

4. The pink Motorola Razr.

5. A voucher from a reputable bookstore (i.e. Borders, Kino, Times) for at least S$50.00 (I need new books! I'm degenerating into sappy romance novel junkie. I must inject some literature into my life. Literature that will not have to be returned in 2 weeks, limiting my reading time and causing much stress. Alternately, and as a cheaper option, potential gift-givers could also buy me a book that they thoroughly enjoyed and truly believe that I too would enjoy. Please do not give me a book that you enjoyed and would LIKE for me to enjoy. I don't have that much effort to spare really.)

6. A new pair of jeans. (For this gift to work, it would be nice if the gift-giver found a place with good jeans and brought me there to pick my perfect pair. I'm thinking along the lines of butt-hugging, non-crack-exposing and of a dark shade that can be dressed up.)

7. That cute cordoroy baggy from 77th street at Far East basement level. In the deep red. (If you are unsure of it, please ask Bubba. He should know what I'm talking about.)

8. That other bag from Far East. The leathery one. I think Santhiya has the same thing in brown. I want the black one.

9. Various beaded necklaces. (I find myself suddenly drawn to this whole too-much-jewellery boho look. Please, however, keep in mind that it should be tasteful, and not look like I strung together random items I found along the streets.)

10. A Get Fuzzy table calender. (I had one in 2003 and after that I couldn't find them at Borders anymore. Remember, GET FUZZY! That's the comic that's in Life everyday with the bitchy cat and the cutie-patootie dog. And it's the kind of calender where you rip the pages everyday. A comic a day keeps Nasty-Bitchy Jasmine away!)

11. A new bikini. (This one would also require me to come along for fitting purposes. I really wouldn't want my boobies spilling out of an ill-fitting bikini that I don't even like.)

12. Gold thong slippers from M:phosis. (They're on sale now!)

13. Red wedge-heels from Heatwave.

14. Bright red, patented, pointy-toed, slash-sided stiletto pumps from Trendy Zone. (Totally awesome. They always leave me speechless. The gold ones are also delicious. So either pair will be cool.)

15. Real silver (the 925 variety) jewellery. There are specific items that I would like though. A pinky ring (Diamonds would be pretty but I CAN do without them.). A belly chain (Just a plain one. No dangly charm-bracelet-like bits thankyouverymuch! Just a simple one that will hang at my waist and not cause too much trouble.). An anklet (Same as above. No danglies. And no bells. I prefer to be stealthy with my comings and goings.)

16. Pretty sleep clothes from Victoria's Secret. (Think comfort. Nothing too hot and suffocating.)

Ok, so far so good (Hey, did you think there'd ever be an end to my wants?! You don't know me very well do ya? Tsk!) and the rest will come when I think of them. Right now it's 1am and I'm slipping slowly into beddy-bye mode.

I think the chocolate high from my Pop Tart is wearing off.

Pop Tart Pop Tart Pop Tart!!!!!

Maybe not.

Wheeee.... :-)


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