Sunday, December 11, 2005

Yesterday was a hyperly tiring day at the beach. The aches only started at sun-up today though. Ah, the wonders of the human body. It permits you to have tonnes of stupid fun for a whole day without problems and only unleashes the pain the next day when all the excitement has worn off.

The things we did:
1. Chilled out with good music while the rest sweated it out at a Bubba-initiated game of frisbee (my only real chillout-possibly-could-have-gotten-a-tan time of the day).
2. Played dog and bone with the world's blurest judges. Too fun.
3. Snacked on hotdogs, sandwiches (Of which I made the tuna variety), chips chips chips and loads of gassy drinks (Once in a while I let myself go).
4. Watched while the beach got swallowed up by a mother of an afternoon storm.
5. Decided to take the wet beach in the best way possible and did some walking/exfoliating with Durga and Bubba.
6. Splashed around in a big, no, HUGE puddle of mud with Durga and San.
7. Got thrown around said HUGE puddle of mud with Durga and Naga, Naga doing the throwing of course.
8. Covered Naga in sand (He wanted to be a sand monster!) and then ran aorund the play ground like stupid, crazy children.
9. Climbed, slid, swung, spun, hung on for dear life and got flung off of much of the kiddy play-things.
10. Ran into the filthy waters of Pasir Ris beach.
11. Wrestled with Bubba and took him down (Eventually, after a heckuva long time. But I still took him down and that's what matters. *chants "Pussyboy pussyboy pussyboy!" :)*
12. Bathed and then stuffed ourselves at White Sands.
13. Went home. Slept.

It was the funnest beach outting yet. We were missing a few people in the group and I felt liek some people there were not quite so... Welcome? Necessary?

But it's all about making new friends and being nice to old not-so-friends right?

Ah, whatever. I had fun.

And I have the aches to prove it.


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