Sunday, December 11, 2005

Random thoughts while high on paint fumes:

1. The Irish accent is very very hot. I don't know what it is about it though. Maybe it's that little lilt and that sing-song way they speak. But whatever it is, it's delicious. The only reason I speak of this accent is because I'm watching the Miss World pageant on Channel 5, which technically makes this thought not-so-random as I would like it to be.

2. You know that advert for the skinny Motorola phone? How come that girl has such a hard time putting on those jeans? I don't get it! It totally blows all assumptions we normal people have of stin-thin model girls. You'd think that if you had endless chopstick legs and a hardly-there bum you'd find it a breeze to pull on a pair of jeans! What is this telling all us stubby-legged big-bummed girls who aim to be modelesque? That all the dieting and working out is still going to leave us with a pair of jeans that won't easily slid on?

3. On that note, does anyone really have that much of trouble putting on a pair of jeans? I, for one, would throw out a pair of jeans the minute I had to hop around to get them on. Does that make me normal? Or un-knowing of the value of money?

4. I could use a drink right about now. A cold one. And some good chill-out tv. Maybe a cheesy movie. One of those sappy comedy/romances. Comances? Romedies? Whatever.

5. I need money! Christmas is coming! I have to get presents! I know too many people! I shouldn't have so many friends! I hope this Christmas is different. I hope I end up with more presents under the tree after the day's festivities than when I started. Yes yes, tell me I've sold out and that I've given into the consumerism of the Christmas season. Tell me that I shouldn't be thinking about presents! Tell me all you want, but I'm sorry if I don't respond. I happen to want a tree that looks like it's balancing on presents! Hah! So there!

6. I'm thinking about Pinky's shi-shi boy. How very troubling. Children nowadays! Worse then them: Their grandparents! Tsk! Coddle coddle coddle! You people have to smack em! Yes! Smack em and tell them to shut it and hold that damn pee. How bad could you possible need yo pee. I doubt it's un-holdable. Terrible!

7. I wish my room was brown. Like chocolate. And I wish all my furniture was black. I want a soothing room. Something remotely zen but at the same time cosy and warm. Satin sheets would also be a plus.

8. How come other people's pasts are so easy to forget. You know how at a certain point in your life you find out something about someone and you believe fully that it is that bit of information that will come to your mind everytime you think of that person? Like, as far as you are concerned, that bit of info is what you will define them by for ever, that's how crazy that piece of information is. But then, like 2 years later, you've managed to put that behind you and when you remember the information, you're convinced that it couldn't (just COULDN'T!) be that person, because, come on! That can't be right!! Oh, but it is!

9. I wanna lick lick lick lick you from your head to your tooooes. And I wanna mooooove from the bed down to the down to the to the floooor...

10. When people make up stupid techno-clubby songs that have no real lyrics do they really think about what they are singing? Do they have an artistic vision? Do where the doos dees and dum dums come mean something to them? Is it some sort of strange techno code? Maybe messages are being passed from outer space to earth through the strange words. Or the beats! And maybe the robot dance is really like a club handshake for these outer-space creepies!


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