Tuesday, September 14, 2004

I can't take this anymore

I can't take this anymore.

And I doubt this'll be the last time I'm gonna be saying this.

I hope Coleridge and Austen and Wilde are have a splendid time down in hell... Laughing, taunting, jeering because us sad pathetic earth-bound souls don't understand the concepts of propriety, the infinite powers and beauty of nature and the the whole notion of dualities.

Romantics my arse.

I hope they swallow a pitchfork.

I'm sorry... My fury has to be unleashed in some form or another. And this seemed the most non-voilent and sane way of doing it.

I'm only done with one major paper (of the prelims, no less) and I already wanna stick my head in a flower pot, fill it with soil and plant seeds so that hopefully the shit that I call my brain will be put to good use as fertilizer.


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