Saturday, January 27, 2007

This is all very new.

Nothing quite fits into any of the spaces that you used to know were there. You had always imagined those spaces filled. Perfectly. Envisioned it all during long nights in bed when you couldn't sleep. Happy thoughts some people call them. Others, the skeptical ones, wishful thinking.

But now. Now it all kind of fits. But not quite. Not really. It's like that last puzzle piece that fits in that last empty spot. But that piece, it's blue. And the picture is of a patch of green, summery grass. The puzzle piece fits, but the blue doesn't. It must be the right piece though, right? You don't have any other choice!

Maybe you're just not seeing the whole picture. Maybe it'll all make sense someday. Logically, there was one space, and one puzzle piece left.

You know that one day it'll all make sense to you. It will all be clear. You don't quite know when that day will come or whether it ever will. But you just hold on to that faith.


Because right in front of you, you have that puzzle. And it's completed. It done. You worked on it, finished it. People helped you along, other people just got in the way and messed things up, but eventually, you got it done. It's Your puzzle and however long it took, however it compares to anyone else's, it's yours.

That one piece may not make sense to you. Maybe it's more than one piece. But someday it will all come to you.

You don't want to spout all that "God has a plan for everyone," bull but you know that intrinsically, it is true. Whether it's God or science, eventually, things will become clearer. It's about looking at the bigger picture, and knowing that however big it is, it'll keep on getting bigger as long as you keep on adding more pieces, that probably won't make sense.

And that bigger picture? That bigger picture is beautiful.


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