Sunday, September 23, 2007

I'm not a fan of stupid people.

I'm not a fan of childish people.

I'm Really not a fan of stupid And childish people.

This post was meant to be up on Friday morning. A morning, as most of my friends will tell you, to Not piss me off. Some will even tell you to stay away from me altogether until I have come home from uni at a time when most sane people are just waking up, and I've had a nice, long nap.

On Friday mornings, I have a class at 8am. A class which ends at the ungodly hour of 8.45am. And that is my Only class for the day (Please don't ask me why I signed up for it. It's to do with filming schedules and my inherent need to please.). That means that I travel for about 3 hours for a 45min class.

Sucks. Much.

But the thing is, if that class wasn't painful to attend, I wouldn't hate waking up that early. I'm not So unreasonable as to be cranky simply to be cranky (Or so I'd like to think. I'm sure other people would say otherwise. You lot can shove it.).

The class is fine, and by "class" I refer to the tutor (Indian Masters student, knowledgeable, sincere and quite entertaining.), the content (I'm thoroughly taken in by this class. So taken in, in fact, that I considered specialising in this as opposed to PR for a while. But alas, I would require a substantial background in Law to actually do well in the field. And no, sponging off the boyfriend's knowledge wouldn't be enough, I've already considered it.) and even the setting (The classroom is a short walk from the bus stop and in close proximity to Coffee Club. It's also always at a perfect temperature. I hate being cold in the morning.).

I get pissed off on Fridays because of the idiot students I take the class with. God only knows what they are doing there. Half of them come to class late (The average time of arrival being about 8.20am) and the rest just sit there, dozing off. Oh for goodness sakes! If you can't keep your eyes open why bother coming??

I would like to add that I'm also not a fan of rude people.

Childishness and stupidity I suppose you could forgive. You can't help it if your brain isn't developed right?

But couldn't you have at least learnt some manners?

It's common sense!
1. Respect the people in authority. (If you really think they are wrong, wait until you can address the matter rivately with them, not in front of a whole class, most of whom are idiots like yourself.)
2. When someone is talking, shut the Fuck up and wait your turn.
3. Don't laugh at the way someone speaks because chances are, you can't string a sentence together to save your life.
4. Do your work! Especially if the lecturer tells you to during lecture and also sends out an announcement and an email reminding you to!
5. Participate and stop that wretched whining. I don't get it. We were Told we would have a quiz. We were Told it would be a Tiny percentage of our final grade. We were Told it would be based on our assignment. Why all the questions??
6. Ok, so the damn test is important, we've established that. You'd think that once that was settled you'd just shut up and do it right? No. You keep talking, asking for repetitions, even blantantly asking the TA for answers! You people are so fucking lucky I'm not a TA. I would have failed you lot in an instant. Idiots.

Ok, so I'm riled up. Bollocks. But seriously. Grow up! If you don't want to be there then don't! Stop killing it for the rest of us.

Ok, now that I'm done with that (I had to get it out because it's been bugging me since Friday. Every time something annoyed me I thought back to how pissed I was on Friday morning. I feel better now though, although, I still think that lot are a bunch of turds. Along with my Thursday morning class lot, who I really don't want to even get started on!)

I think I'll bake something today. I feel... domestic.

We'll see.


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